she’s like me

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for Cbear
mr. daddy,
have i gotta’ news flash for ya’
might wanna’ wake up, and smell that java

ya’ know
your little girl?
she’s 13 already, goin’ on…20?
yeah, she really is, some kinda’ person now

ear buds in
those curls bouncing to beats
she’s livin’ in texts, Instagram and Iphone apps

she’s like me
music sings, so deep in her soul
she’ll text just to tell me, that a song made her cry

she’s like me
just Being, in her solitude all day
’cause she’s creating, she’s not feelin’ lonely or bored

she’s so like me
we both, feel the pain of this world
wish we could end all war, and we could all live in peace
I’m Yours
Listen to the
music of the moment,
people dance and sing
We’re just one big family
And it’s our God-forsaken right
to be loved loved loved loved loved
as always, this poem was written to the beat
of this joyous song, and can played as a soundtrack.

19 thoughts on “she’s like me

  1. Oloriel says:

    This is a vibrant dream in life forever upon your eyelashes, my friend. I do hope my son grows to be like that aswell.

    • this reply didn’t seem to post to your comment last night, so sorry

      hi Oloriel, ty for your wonderful words. Cbear and i got to spend an unexpected 4 days alone together, Wednesday to Saturday and when i dropped her off, i was so happy, this poem just spilled out. we had such a great time hangin’, talkin’, laughin’, sharin’ music, eatin’ and letting each other be alone when we needed it.

      i guess all parents feel this way, but she is something special.

      • Oloriel says:

        I have been having some internet problems, everything at WP loads so slow and in most cases fails to show/post, appologies for that 🙂

      • Oloriel, none needed because i feel your pain. i have been so frustrated lately with WP, downloads take forever.
        continually asking for I.D. before i can like or comment, then it’s not accepted, so i can’t……i send messages to tech support that go unanswered. 😦 😦 😦

  2. Sky Vani says:

    love for both of you from Greece 🙂 sorry i am late with reading, my internet doesn’t work so good here

    • hello Sky! wow Greece, that sounds fantastic, please take some pics you can share. and thank you so much, Cbear asked about you yesterday so i’ll say hi from you on Wednesday. ::::enjoy:::::

  3. Beautiful ~ I love this!
    So, so sweet!:)

    • ty, this is such a writing departure for me, stylistically but we had so much fun with each other the past few days, this is just how the words spilled out so i left it. I’m so glad you liked it. 🙂

  4. interesting ~sounds like a rap love song, and delicately spelled out.

  5. this is so beautiful! you are so sensitive to your daughter’s heart…how beautiful!

    • oh, ty so much, we have fun together and we talk a lot about real stuff. we always had that connection, i hope we always do. and i have to confess, this was the most fun i had writing poetry. 🙂

  6. Chatty Owl says:

    I eavesdrop and sometimes im too shy to say how swoon i am about how you write. Your muse is lucky. Your subjects of admiration are lucky.
    What you create is impressive.

    • ty..then we should form a mutual swoon society then because i am very drawn to your poetry. and not necessarily for the obvious reason, there is intense imagery and imagination in your words and you are a master storyteller. i think that’s part of it because the little writing i did before this, was storytelling, it’s my ‘soft spot’.

      i like that you ‘eavesdrop’, i write what i’m comfortable sharing and if it reaches someone in some way, could there be a higher compliment to someone who writes? and my muse, she’s tickled that i’m writing about her but she knows that i write about others, as well. several of my poems were written for and or about friends i’ve met here. or people i know or we know, like ‘our brave Linda’.

      • Chatty Owl says:

        Swoon society it is then! This made me chuckle a little 🙂

        Just so you know, I eavesdrop all the time. Does that count as stalking? 😉 haha! Anyhow, Im amused to read your words and when your muses appear on my reader in a form of your brilliantly gathered together words, its like music to my ears.

        Stay awesome!

      • ha, i was hoping it would make you chuckle, or giggle or smile. not enough of any of those in my universe.
        *swoon society* we are then! and i’m not much for predictions, but my intuition is top notch…and it is telling me that you and i, word lovers that we are, will create a few more word combinations between us. 😉

        hhmm, stalking?, no, not to me it doesn’t, but i appreciate your telling me. not that it will change anything i say here. 🙂 and i have to tell you again ii i somehow didn’t make it clear in my comment, ‘It’s All In Two’ was truly inspired poetry.

        and you are:::;awesome::::;

      • Chatty Owl says:

        Just waving hi. 😉

      • heh, very nicely timed. ty, i needed a hi just now.

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