a parting of ways

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there is a journey, i’ve been walking on
a road taken and in hindsight, a road too long
so many questions, a rain wash in torrents
so few answers, a few foolishly ignored

is it because my clock
has now hastened its pace?
because i thought i believed, any day,
was not a good day to waste

am i to believe, this trouble and strife
was all pre-ordained, was planned in advance?
that i played no role, in my many mistakes
or is this me sleepwalking, standing in place?

because, there is an unmistakeable shifting
the weight in these legs, considerably lighter
and wounds of a fragile heart, begin their heal
these clear grey eyes, see a parting of ways

and i would never claim, to have any answers
a few white whiskers…know more than that now
or maybe i’m not so afraid, to look hard in this mirror
to accept my imperfections, to reflect love in these eyes
The Cross of Change
If you understand or if you don’t
If you believe or if you doubt
There’s a universal justice
And the eyes of truth
Are always watching you.
the sparse lyrics, the title, the melodic, reflective music which can be
listened to as a soundtrack and a beautiful video to watch::::enjoy::::

14 thoughts on “a parting of ways

  1. Chatty Owl says:

    Enigma goes so well with these words..

  2. Just like you said…perfectly timed :)..This is so great 🙂 🙂

  3. Oloriel says:

    The passing of the time that teaches us we were in fact wise all along is a terrible and nice feeling at the same time and you capture it so well and what is even more important you weave through it the strenght of your hope and determination never to leave the saddle of the wild horse.

    • Oloriel, it means so much that you took this time to return, and add your sweet wisdom. and of course, as always you are so spot on in your understanding. yes, i’ve been THERE and back again, i keep listening to Enigma’s song, ‘A Return to Innocence’ because it is precisely what is occuring, what is shifting now.

      oh, and that wild horse…i was never afraid to saddle up and ride, even when i got tossed and that was often, i would never give up…and it’s why and how i found Scout and finally love in this life and her love has made all this ‘circle and back again’ possible. and now i just feel it’s time to reflect the love i’ve recieved, back into the world.

      thank you Oloriel, you are so very special to me.

  4. How beautifully reflective and softly said. I love these words. I love the retrospective peek down the path that has been. Ending back where it all begins, the mirror of self.
    Well done, friend. Hugs!
    <3~ Andrea

    • ty Andrea, so insightful are you. yes, THERE and back again and finally with the love and acceptance of Scout, my partner these 10 years, my own journey with my own acceptance is bearing some fruit. i’m just so grateful to have words to express and share, and to hopefully give something back to the world.

      {{{{ h u g s }}}} to you for your wisdom and sensitivity, my friend::::enjoy::::

  5. artistic viewpoint ~a self- portrait of another kind of Van Gogh!

    • i so love when you visit my friend, and when i studied painting, his work was a major influence on mine. a very original and unique human being he was, dedicated to his truth. he was truly an inspiration for me for the longest time.

  6. …. and, what more could I have expected from you, Master Who, than to have been blown away by your words? You did it again. and this time even better than any other….. and with each word of your humane heart you’ve touched my meek one.

    May blessed me hearts that’s made of nothing but hearts.
    *she holds the piece of stone in wonder*

    • that something i might write could reach anyone, but that it might be you…you humble me, princess of my perpetual inspiration with your words, your encouragement and your gentle heart. ty from the bottom of this open heart and for *smiles to begin the day*

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