our decade…of dogs

for Lexie, for Flash
my dear Scout

there is something
about a kindness given,
and in service to dogs
is every kindness returned

and there is something
about these life circles too,
’cause we’ve been THERE and
here we’re standing, once again

both our lives shaped so early by
our dogs, our childhood best friends
my emotions, memory so vivid of Flash
i can weep, just writing these few words

and by the mystery of reasons, we met that night
at a party, we both had no intention of attending
the universe granted me the gift of you…to love
and with you…came the Buddah serenity of Lexie

a few years old, almost four foot tall
such a majestic Black Lab, Great Dane
too much of a bother, to its owner
you loved on her, a lifetime bonding

so inseparable, were you both
so valued was her opinion, to you
so important was my introduction, to us

so it all began, our decade…of dogs

and how hundreds of your students
had a gentle Lexie, in their young lives
for so many, a first experience with a dog
lying so silently in your studio, hearing violins

and she accepted Willow, my black kitty
and when a kitten jumped in our red Honda
and it was snowing, she welcomed Penny too
and for eight years our 16 legs, was our family

for the 15 1/2 years, Lexie was with this earth
spreading her quiet joy, to any who would listen
and then, the saddening diagnosis from her doctor
us crying at the finality, for you the harshest reality

but true to your devotion, you found a vet
knowing Lexie so disliked those office visits,
he said, ‘Lexie could fall asleep in her favorite spot’
so right there as always, near the chair in our bedroom

and we said our goodbyes, to our good friend
and you hugged her, as she took her last breath
and we watched, as she crossed over Rainbow Bridge
and us kids, can someday play with our dogs…forever

there is something
about a kindness given,
and our service to dogs
is now a kindness returned

and there is something
about these life circles too,
’cause we were THERE then and
we’re here with dogs, once again

there really should not ba a surprise, now
that these circles, revolve throughout our lives
because if there was any job, that i wanted to be
it’s to be in service to dogs, which is what i am

i spend days playing, training, administering meds
and keeping them company when their owner is gone,
a caretaker, a walker in every kind of weather
and the four years now, this job is no job at all

so, it would be months before you
didn’t come home, and cry yourself to sleep
then one day, ‘i don’t want a big dog again’
and for the first time, i sensed a yearning

and because i was so familiar now
with the traits, of so many dogs in my care
‘i know two Puggles, i think you should meet’
both of us favored large dogs, until then

for weeks we looked, for rescue Puggles
not an easy find, so popular was the breed
then Craigslist, an ad from a rescue foster home
outside Indy, we packed up my daughter Cbear

we all drove nearly 5 hours, from Chicago
and arrived almost in time, to see the whole parade
twice a day, two geese, a tabby cat and a Puggle
walked the path through the woods, single file
named Scout, in the arms of Cbear, coming home
Now it turned out, that puppy Scout
was a ‘busy’ boy, and kinda’ needy too
and this certainly wasn’t in our plan but,
‘i know 3 Frenchies, you might want to meet’

and after weeks and weeks, we found one
so rare to find a French Bulldog, on Craigslist
and on a worknight, off we went to Wisconsin
5 hours, north of Somewhere, i still have no idea
Gigi at home, that first night
fierce Gigi
comedian Gigi

26 thoughts on “our decade…of dogs

  1. You have me in tears, I am listening to a clip I put on my last post…then reading this…. my friend …my dog loving friend. Your words are how I feel about dogs, this is beautiful and my emotions are at a peak right now… but I thank you, for there should be more animal lovers on this planet, that care as much as you do.

    • ty my dear friend, that you care as much as you do. we are committed and always have been, and my job allows me to continue the circle that i was taught by my mom. it was her who taught me to love and respect every living thing, a lesson i’ve passed along to Cbear too.

      the post got a little messed up, was the video there when you read it?

      ty and {{{{ h u g s }}] to you.

  2. I nominate you for the prestigious Inner Peace Award and a bouquet of Super Awards, my friend, for the person you are and what you share with the world. Please click on the link below for the details.


    • oh, you humble me once again my friend, ty so much for your so many gifts. 🙂
      ( hhmm, there is no page there on that link, tho 🙂 )

      • You do not have to follow the link to get to my site. The link got broken somehow and I tried to fix it but nothing doing. You just come to my site without using the link and enjoy your well deserved gifts. Remember no rules this time. I realize there is a lot of work involved so no rules for everyone. If you like you can have these awards on your blog and you don’t even have to link back. Alright my friend. Sorry for the inconvenience. Take care.

      • you are so sweet, i did find it right there at the top, thank you again.

  3. Eva van Beek says:

    Love this blog, especially since now I am again (after having spent my childhood with dogs) a new proud dog owner again…our puppy just joined us a month ago…and turned our lives around 🙂

    • i’m so happy for you, and ty. there is nothing quite like the smell of a puppy and no matter what else is happening, they always seem to brighten the day. finally finding the puggle puppy for Scout, shifted her entire mood and focus, so yes, i can relate that it turned your life around! 🙂

      • Eva van Beek says:

        Oh it did! Right now she is sitting on my lap and looking at me with those dark beautiful puppy eyes…irristisable!

      • ha, i can feel your happiness from here! yes a lap dog, that’s what we figured out we both wanted. Gigi still fits that classification, but Scout turned out to be a ‘Giant Puggle”, much more a medium size dog.

        oh well, those are the surprises with rescue dogs. 🙂

  4. This is just heartwarming! I love dogs so much. I’ve often said that I feel towards the dogs the way most people feel towards babies. I just melt around them.
    I love your beautiful ode to these wonderful animals.
    I love the passion you express. This was a lovely read to experience.

    • well, i very often relate to dogs better than i do people in real life, non judgemental and always unconditional love given. and our lives were and is still, so dictated by the dogs in our life…they are family. i was glad to get a chance to honor Lexie, she was so important to Scout.

      ty for reading and always sharing such wonderful heartfelt comments, it means the world to me.
      {{{ h u g s }}} to you my friend, until we talk again::::enjoy:::;

  5. Happylifeaholic says:

    Wow. just wow. At risk of wearing my heart on my sleeve, I cried a little while reading the first half of this poem, but by the end, I was crying happy tears. I absolutely love animals, and dogs in particular so this poem was extra special. You sir, have more than just a way with words. It is a gift to be proud of.

    • well, if it is a gift, it’s only recently found, i’m a 58 year old male and there is no risk with me in wearing your heart on your sleeve. we are alive, and i give thanks at this late day i can still feel and tear without shame. ty so much.

  6. oh i love the adorable pictures too

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