1000 little things

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my darlin’
i’ve lived you close
for this decade now
and can hum your tune
without a second thought

1000 little things you always do
when you don’t think I’m looking
because…oh, there you go again
making me love you a little more

do you really think I don’t see you
only removing clean plates
from the dishwasher everyday
but never, ever putting them back in?

do you really think I don’t see you
quickly shut your eyes when a movie
shows a poor animal cry out In pain
and silently moving your lips, ‘no, no, no?’

do you really think I don’t see you
die your little deaths, grieving every June
students taught as toddlers, graduate now 18?
hearing their violin cases close that one last time

do you really think I don’t see you
somehow make an empty potato chip bag
look half full, when there are only crumbs
and even that I know, fall for it every time?

do you really think I don’t see you
recognize, feel, the moment you arrive home
when this world has finally worn you down
or your bestie girlfriend just daggered your heart?

oh, my darlin’
after loving you this close, there’s nothing I don’t see
waiting ‘till the time is right, knowing you like to ask
a lesson I’m still trying hard to learn from you
you circle around in your silence ‘til you’re ready

ending up exactly where you always want to be
a little thing, standing there, with its head bowed
these large hands cradling that dark luxurious hair
reaching down, kissing your forehead, ‘ok Scout, tell me….’

1000 little things you always do
when you don’t think I’m looking
because….oh, there… you did it again
and making me just love you ever more
These Are The Things About You
You can really stare.
You can stare a thousand miles
And yet still I know exactly what you see.
These are the things about you.
These are the things about you.
These are the things about you I know

lyrics and music written by Ivy and a song i finally
get to sing to someone. and as always, the poem was
written with this song as a soundtrack.::::enjoy::::

20 thoughts on “1000 little things

  1. Oloriel says:

    “1000 little things you always do
    when you don’t think I’m looking
    because…oh, there you go again
    making me love you a little more” – very heartfelt and beautiful.It reminds me of myself when I am watching my husband do something that is so mundane, yet for me something so much bigger 🙂

    • hi Oloriel, and thank you…this poem could have gone on for miles. 🙂 it’s so true, that we really don’t know someone until you live together, seems to be a universal truth as well.!

      • Oloriel says:

        Well, those little things I also see as indicators of true purest love. I have witnessed many times people living together and suddenly losing interest or indulging in various sins hurtfull to their partner and when asked why:”She snores at night!” or similar.
        When true love is at hand, the little things, no matter what they are, will make u feel the love give a jolt 🙂

      • yes, you are so right, i’ve been on the other side as well and understand what you say all too well. at least to this heart it’s about our ‘humaness’, about loving each other’s imperfections.

        i’m only glad Scout doesn’t write poetry, because…..LOL!

  2. It’s the little things…the simple things …this is GORGEOUS, I love this and the lady in your life is an extremely lucky one. Watching the one you love go through every day routines and admiring them is true love. Well done my friend – welcome back x

    • thank you, so glad to be back among my friends.

      Scout read this last night, gave me a great big hug and then looked up,
      ‘do i really do that with the potato chips? why didn’t you ever tell me…?’

      yeah, every once in a while those moments…

  3. Sky Vani says:

    What I have noticed, and I know exactly since when, is that your poetry has become more open as if you’ve entered a new phase. Thank you for allowing us to enter into your world, describing all so well that we feel as if we were there at the same time. And it’s wonderful that after so many years your love burns like that every day is the first. Sorry if my English is bad today, I hope you are getting the point.

    • oh Sky, this is beautiful English my dear friend, ty. and now i’m so curious, was it after one of our conversations because of anyone, you know this struggle of mine. you are very astute, because things have changed, i feel safe here with all my friends offering so much encouragement and it’s allowed me to be a little more courageous with each poem.

  4. Robyn Lee says:

    This is beautiful… I truly love it. The things (the little things that mean so much) that you emphasized…oh just perfect. Thank you so much ~ x RL

  5. Just beautiful! Touchingly personal ~ well done! 🙂

  6. Ileana says:

    And I and my husband loves what you write! We love your poems are true and everyday experiences!, Even if we do not sunetm poets 🙂 A blessed evening!

  7. This one is really special. 🙂

    • yeaah, if you look at our combined stuff, you can see how we were fated to be together. Theresa, you’re green thumb is digging up some flowers that i’d forgotten and i ty for that!

  8. cindy knoke says:

    This is just well, remarkably wonderful.

    • hi Cindy…heh, this was a poem i really enjoyed writing, walking around our place taking pics and recalling those memories. we both have lifetime collections of stuff, we might need a bigger place…lol! ty, i’m glad you enjoyed it!

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