banner of innocence

‘There is a light inside you
To shine if you choose it to
There is a light inside you
To light up the world for you
Light up the world with you
As only you can do’
oh wounded heart, and how many years
have we walked this journey you and i
the dead ends and aborted beginnings
just how many understandings have
been set aside for yet another day?

only i know your tragedy and depth of despair
because i was there with you every painful day
deflecting the blows hoping i could protect you
covering these ears not to hear words slice so deep

oh wounded heart,

please hear the words i have found for you
forgiveness, love, acceptance and healing
hear them because the bruises they all faded
it’s the words you heard and the cuts remained

these clouds and shadows you live in
the dark and silence where you reside
there is a parting, an unmistakeable stirring
is it the light you’re drawn to or the words you hear?

because i swear

by everything holy in this world or the next
no hurt will ever again reach your gentle shore
and if the ferocity of my sword somehow misses its mark
this man will stand before you, accept the blows, every one

because the days of this silence and this fear are done

so let us swipe away those darkening shades
and open all the windows each and every one
this ambivalent world has missed your tender voice
it’s time to speak in steady words of love and light

my wounded child, this world is nothing to fear
because i have found ears that will listen
because i have found arms that will hold you
because i have found words spoken waiting to heal

here, take my hand and hold it tight
let’s take these first tentative steps
together, side by each other’s side
believing in each other along the way

sing your sweet lullaby’s of love and light
and i will unfurl this banner of innocence
because ours is only a righteous cause
a flourishing, protected and fearless child

my little boy, this world is nothing to fear
as long as we are always loving and caring
and always together, side by each other’s side
and always believing in ourselves along the way

There is love inside you
To love you if you choose to
There is a love inside you
To love the world and you
Love the world and you
As only you can do.

Light of You
Emer Kenny

20 thoughts on “banner of innocence

  1. lovely…and needed! Reblogged on my site!

    • johanisthinking, i am so, so sorry. i just returned home and just happened to see your beautiful comments in the SPAM section, WP is doing that to my friends a lot these days.

      thank you ever so much for your kindness, this poem has been a long time coming and it feels like a burden has been finally lifted. and thank you for your recognition, i’m humbled to share your pages today.

    • thank you so much, what a gift you have given this healing heart.

  2. Reblogged this on johannisthinking and commented:
    so much understanding, love and a drawing out to BE all that we can BE…gentle, compassionate writing…thank you WHOCOULDKNOWTHEN

  3. Oloriel says:

    This was like a ballad played on the strings of the heart itself. This part :”The dead ends and aborted beginnings
    just how many understandings have
    been set aside for yet another day?”- so strong, so true, such bittersweet wisdom most of the times.

  4. Sky Vani says:

    The raising Sun… coming out behind the branches.. I am so pleased and happy!

  5. Sky Vani says:

    We arrived far away, my dearest pal. But it’s still long way to go. Tie your seat belt! πŸ™‚

  6. idesoflife says:

    This is so beautiful! Much love, xoxo!

  7. I just returned to read this again…each time I read it…it speaks to me more deeply than the previous times…your words are so intricately woven and speak of such tenderness that we need for ourselves…for our broken hearts to love again…

    • i guess this poem has been a lifetime in the making really, acceptance has beeen my journey and maybe i’m beginning to see the clearing now. it so profound to this person who writes, that my words would reach you, and i’m not capable of telling you how that feels so will thank you so much telling what you have.

      you have a friend here johannisthinking, this door is always open.

  8. If you published a book, I would buy copies and copies! and give them to my friends to enrich their lives!

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