28 thoughts on “w h o l e

  1. Oloriel says:

    Such a gentle and beautiful dedication of words, I am glad this is a hymn you sing.

    • ty Oloriel and for the word hymn, i need to use the beautiful word soon.

      i promised ikarus i would ty for bringing us together with the co-write poem and the link, what a wonderful poet. i jumped head first into the ‘ice cream’ conversation yesterday…hope i didn’t shock him too much.:-) it’s just that ice cream, well you know…..

      ty again.

      • Oloriel says:

        Don’t worry, he is a pritty witty and tough guy:D and we actually look forward to convos like those, free ones you know?:)

      • oh good, and yes i do know very well…it’s what i am used to having on the sites i once wrote for…long threads of conversation….like talking everyday to your bestie 🙂

  2. charlypriest says:

    Just wondering, I know that in poetry like in all other types of writing there are Haikus and more other things, so do you just with the flow or do you write in a very deliberate way in order for your poetry to fit one of the “genres” if that´s what they are called. I´m asking this because the other day I was reading another blog, also poetry, it was some sort of writing of Japanese poetry, and the rules where exhausting.

    • i agree, at least to this novice the rules get in between my heart and my words…if you read ::::hum’:::: this is part of what i was expressing there.

      i’m an ex painter, i also have some design and architectural training and the philosophy i create by is Form Follows Function….’it’ becomes what you are trying to express, ‘it’ is secondary to the truth in the message.

      so when i begin writing i have no preconcieved idea about the form, i simply let the words take me where they need to go. i start with a title, an image and a song to write by and somehow the words take care of themselves.

      it’s just my quirky way

      • charlypriest says:

        No quirky way, I like your philosophy Form Follows Function, when I write like in the blog I usually don´t edit, when I most like writing is when I just let the story flow, even though a lot of the times it doesn´t make sense, so I don´t send them to literary magazines. I keep the blog separate from my free happy writing and from the like-pain in the but writing I´ll submit to the magazines. But when I most enjoy the process is when I´m writing not for publishing but for the love of doing it even though it´s crap, In my mind I still think is the best thing humanity has ever seen,probably because I enjoyed so much the process.

      • But when I most enjoy the process is when Im writing not for publishing but for the love of doing yes, and that was the primary message in ‘hum’…i so agree with what you said, and it’s why i have no expectations, i write for the pure joy of it, to express how i feel, to hopefully spark a chord and connect with friends like you. and now i will apologize for not visiting your blog and reading your words, expect me there soon…….ty brother::::enjoy:::::

        > Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2013 11:39:52 +0000 > To: whocouldknowthen@hotmail.com >

      • charlypriest says:

        No apologies I just write about some crazy stuff in the blog, don´t care too much about followers,I just started getting back to writing after ten year hiatus and discovering the blogging world and social media. That´s why I enjoy reading all kinds of blogs, get as much knowledge as I can in the least amount of time possible…if that´s possible.

  3. Your ‘quirky’ way works 🙂 I like the breakdown, the singular words, gives time for the reader to reflect. x

    • ty very much, my quirky way way works for me and that’s all i can ask really. i have used this very sparse ‘voice’ when i have i one very specific message to convey, i try and strip away every word that is not essential in this case, the last sentence. i’m so loking forward to more of your poetry in your new space……..

      > Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2013 10:12:50 +0000 > To: whocouldknowthen@hotmail.com >

      • why thank you – tis a good space to be {hugs}

      • you are most welcome. *smiling*

      • so sorry, i just woke up, it’s midnight here and the java is just beginning to kick in after a much needed sleep after work. thank you for finding this poem. i realized after reading the recent post of yours, that we are exactly the same age. that it took 48 years to find Scout, feel as though i was a competent and suuportive father, and finally becoming creative again….writing poetry was the final piece of the puzzle.

        so i guee what i’m saying, is this poem was a very long time in the making.
        {{{ h u g s }}] and *smiles* to you, my friend.

  4. Well it so works – so that is a good thing 🙂 did you see the last one – Attraction? Miri and I have started another together – so hopefully in a day or two 🙂 Thank you for visiting- appreciated.

  5. Sky Vani says:

    just WOW! the look on this page just made me very happy 🙂 this was beautiful, my friend

  6. Thank you for stopping and commenting today. As you pointed out, encouragement is an important aspect of spending time doing this. I look forward to following your blog and the things you notice that might go unnoticed.

    My like button is not working today. I would have left some likes behind had it been.

    Take care,


  7. Robyn Lee says:

    Simply so beautiful ~ True love can heal the broken pieces – I do agree! x RL

    • ty, so much for reading so many of my poems, it really mean so much knowing it’s you whose words and story i admire. and i guess, i might be living proof that love can heal, and honestly i never tire writing about it!

      {{{ h u g s }}}to you my friend and::::enjoy::::

  8. yelena says:

    adoring this. so much said and felt within your floating lines.

    • thank you so much. these words just poured out one night, when i was wondering where i would be without the love of my 10 year partner. i write about her a lot, can’t help it! 🙂

  9. yelena says:

    hello to you 🙂

    i’m going to publish a post on my blog with my favorite poems somewhere during weekend. may i ask you to let me include this poem there? (of course credited, with the link to your blog)
    warm regards,

    • Yelena, you just warm my heart, sure you can. use it however you please, words are for sharing. and thank you for such a wonderful compliment, i’m so humbled that you would choose one of my poems.

      {{{ h u g s }}} to you Yelena, ty.

      • yelena says:

        oh thank you so much.
        i’d choose many others but then my post shall turn into the unending one lol. i’m going to publish it soon 🙂

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