say…please say

throughout this decade long romance
our shared serendipitous journey home
and our day in, day out conversation
the ups and downs, living this crazy life each day

you see through me like no one else ever would
every imperfection, my softest underbelly on display
i’m trusting you, more than i trust myself sometimes
your unconditional love, an abundant never ending gift

but hey,
we figured out our role reversal many tears ago
you, that valiant hunter gatherer with a heart so bold
me, a nester, seed spreader with a heart so easily bruised
tradition? because only you and i know what works for us

and you know i never want to be your burden
but you know when i retreat to my silent shadows
and it doesn’t mean you said anything wrong
but darlin,’ whenever i get quiet and close my doors

…so i need to ask you for a favor

take a minute…look me in the eyes,
say…please say those three words
that will make my world all right
‘If You Don’t Know Me By Now’
we all got our own funny moods
i’ve got mine, woman you’ve got yours too
just trust in me, like i trust in you
as long as we’ve been together
it should be so easy to do
if you feel like a second read, play the song, pick up the
slow tempo and the first crescendo in the music will sync up
with the end of the poem. imho the best cover of this classic tune.

9 thoughts on “say…please say

  1. charlypriest says:

    If you don´t mind I´m going to take this and send it to a girl, of course I wrote it. If I don´t have a chance with her after she reads this she´s a very very bad person.

  2. Can I scream??? Simply Red is one my favourites and I adore this song and it matches perfectly with your words…sigh….

    • oh…and i HEAR YOU! LOL!
      his voice just knocks me over time and again! i’m s ohappy you liked it, i’m glad to finally get a chance to put words to songs that have meant so much to me over the years…ty.

  3. you are am amazing poet! wonderful!

  4. relationships certainly have the “I know you too well” sides that we unnoticeably become neglected… like those dark areas in a garden we forget need light and water, too.

    • well, Scout reads my poems all the time and guess what i got yesterday?… a great big hug, kiss and and an ‘i love you!’ !

      and that is a perfect analogy, the dark areas of our garden…ty for that and for always reading my words my friend.

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