Setting the Dark on Fire

Through that night

and from across a room

Through crowded strangers

and all my awkward shyness

Through every hurt remembered

and scattering debris of aborted plans

Through a slow death in every unloved soul

and that night, that miracle night

Through our infinity of eyes

and every hum and flutter

Through faith rewarded

and there was you

and every night

there was you

31 thoughts on “Through

  1. You are a magnificent writer, I can’t even coherently put my thoughts into words. Just beautiful, simply beautiful.

  2. butterfly, i found so much to like in your writing as well. thank you, if nothing else i’m very persistent. 🙂

    i started this poem last night on my notepad and intended to sleep on it and read it again this morning. i had no idea it published and my heart skipped a beat this morning when i realized it was already ‘out there’. :-0

    i did make a few minor edits and thank you again for your encouragement. it really does push me along.

  3. Sky Vani says:

    I wouldn’t change a single thing.

  4. Very nice my friend.
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. My perception is a poem of emotional evolutions and, your cautionary writing gives me a feeling that there’s so much behind every word knocking doors down~ beautiful ! BEAUTIFUL !

    • thank you and once again, your perception is amazing. you are so spot on, yes there are words behing the words, a story behind the story.

      i write to share, share some of me and share our common experiences. i prefer not to write when i’m raw with emotion, others do and it makes for very compelling reading but i need the lens of time to say what the words really need to say.

      i hope my words ‘suggest’ and i try and offer enough ‘space’ so readers can relate to their feelings and experiences too. even when i was writing more prose, i wrote this way. i guess it’s just an extension of my personality.

      i love when you visit, I Have A Voice. this weekend i have some reading to catch up on so expect a visit on your pages. 🙂

      thank you again and keep the::::light::::

  6. Jamaiquina says:

    You were right to ask where the “Love” button is on WordPress! 🙂 I love this, just so you know!

  7. So much of hope in your words… the magic of reading them is like no other.. crisp yet profound… bow and best wishes to you…

    • ty Tanumoy, i so appreciate our budding friendship and look forward always to your keen and sensitive insight.
      i will make the time to begin reading your words (i have not forgotten 🙂 ) and relish all that i’ve missed.

      your poetry is an inspiration to me::::peace:::::

  8. … then there are streams and waterfalls. Separated in valor and passion they both flow.

    … then there are poets, whose words flow through both graceful and ardent emotions — merging “streams and waterfalls” into one.

    … then, that is where a simple soul like me sit and watch the wonders of a “rainbow” playing in mid air — like poetry!

    • and so hesitant am i to assume that role, ‘poet’, thinking i have not yet earned that exhalted title, so new and raw in this form and expression. but if someone who weaves wonders with words, a high priestess in my eyes says this might be so then maybe it will be someday to me, ‘acceptance’ always my journey.

      you are a wonder and i thank the universe we have met.

  9. Sky Vani says:

    It’s still my favorite! 🙂

    • ty, i thought you might enjoy reading it again, and i hope i conveyed the incredible feeling i had the moment i saw her… across my chest, back and forth. we both were at this party we weren’t suppose to be, a total fluke and i had been drinking. i didn’t know the host and i walked up to him and said.,

      ‘please, i have someone very important to talk to, i really don’t want to mess this up. can you help me sober up?’ and out came everything needed and several people were involved helping me because they knew..and the rest is our history.

  10. Robyn Lee says:

    This was simply beautiful. So wonderful to be a part of your enchanted expression. Thank you 🙂 RL

    • oh, thank you so much for your kindness and a warm welcome to you. so sorry for this late reply. we just returned from our farm tonight and no internet service there.

      that night we first met was pure magic, i’m not sure i could ever put into words the warm pulsating waves that were crisscrossing my chest when i first saw her….i can’t say it any better than….i just knew!

  11. SirenaTales says:

    Beautiful, vulnerable, moving. Thank you.

    • you are most welcome, thank you for taking the time to visit and read these words of mine. i’m just so glad i finally have the words to express, a little of how i felt that night i first saw her. there’s probably another poem about it waiting…

      i read your new post, love the poetry, i’ve known quite a few dancers so the feelings you describe while you dance are very familiar to me. a wonderful gift you have. 🙂

  12. lovely…”Through faith rewarded
    and there was you
    and every night
    there was you”……just lovely!

    • you know, that first time i saw her…i’m not sure i’ll ever really describe the electric wash that crisscrossed my chest. it was immediate and constant, she felt it too. we tried to talk about it that night a little bit, but we just let our eyes say what we couldn’t. we talked and talked as though nothing else existed, it was a serendipitous moment i will never forget, because neither of us was supposed to be at that party. go figure….thank you, always *smiling now*

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