my gifts

‘so are you ready for your Father’s Day present?’

‘oh, you didn’t have to go and buy me anything Cbear’

‘i didn’t, i drew you something…’
‘…here, Happy Father’s Day daddy, i love you’

{{{{ h u g s }}}..and my always kiss to her forehead.

‘i love you too Cbear, very much…wait…
this is for me? you started this on Wednesday
after you shared that song. you mean all along
this was my present?’

‘yup, i decided after you loved that song so much.
that’s Marina and it’s my fav pic of her’

‘Cbear, this came out so well, the details in
her hair, the lips are perfect and the eyes…
man, look at those eyes!’
‘yeah, i spent a lot of time on her eyes’

‘well, remember when i was saying you should
just concentrate on getting eyes as perfect
as you can, when you were into anime’…..
just keep drawing eyes, ’cause it’s all
about the eyes Cbear’

‘yeah i know, there’s something on the back too’
‘oh wow, that script is perfect, look at that S,
they are the always the most difficult letter’

‘yeah, and it’s the name of the song too. i chose
a font i liked from Google’

‘it’s beautiful, the whole thing, both sides are
just perfect…thank you Cbear, you’re the best!’

so on this most perfect sunny day, surrounded with
the most important people in my life; Scout my loving
partner, Cbear and her perfection at 13, speaking to
Scout’s parents B and S who absorbed Cbear into their
hearts as their only grand daughter, adopted me as
their surrogate son and G who now has a brother he
always wanted…there is no yearning…

because everything i ever need is already here.

‘so are ‘gonna write a poem from this song too
like you did the last one i shared?’

‘oh yeah! i’ve been listening to this in my
headphones nonstop since Wednesday, i
already have the title too’

‘cool, can’t wait to read it’

and Cbear, i look at her and still can’t believe she’s
in my life, keeping me real….what a gift she is.

13 thoughts on “my gifts

  1. Oloriel says:

    This was very heartwarming to read and it is a blessing to be able to be a part of these special moment of yours through the pixels!

    • and i’m happy to share them too Oloriel thank you. today was just one of those days, so perfect in every way. Scout and Cbear took the dogs to the lake and dipped their toes for the first time this year and they are such good friends. i suggested we all walk Cbear home instead of me driving her so we did. we stopped at Starbucks, decaf Americano, mine with soy and a chocolate frappe for C, we talked and giggled all the way. my old house is less than a mile, smiles and hellos from my old neighbors and a warm lazy summer stroll home. heaven on Earth!

      • Oloriel says:

        Ah chocolate frappe! I am still suffering withdrawal syndromes since last taking one like 2 years ago. They do not have them in my country!
        Sounds like a beautiful day indeed. I also love it how your daughter knows and believes that everything in your life will be turned into a song.

      • oh no, how unfair! how can that be? i wish i could send one to you! haha, Cbear and i had an after school addiction every Wednesday when i picked her up, it was our little secret until now! Oloriel, we’ve all tried very hard to keep the ugly out of her life…in a divorce, it usually doesn’t happen that way……….but she has such clear eyes, she’s on her way now with such an empathy and sweet spirit. she is a joy to everyone who knows her.

  2. Sky Vani says:

    Look at that hair! I am glad that you posted this picture. And the whole atmosphere… Like if we were there. Thanks for sharing, dear friend.

    • haha ty for that! yes, it is a beautiful drawing she made. she is far ahead in her drawing ability than i was at 13, it is so good to see and encourage her development. luckily for her she inherited all my good traits and none of my many imperfections. you are most welcome dearest friend, it is so special to me to share these moments of my life.

  3. Aww! This is sweet! The sketch is so perfect, and the writing so flawless as well! Thank you for sharing these lovely pieces of your wonderful day! 🙂

  4. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    love this heartwarming, glimpse into your family life p.s. on the subject of openess, its apparently not good to display your email – bots trawl and junk mail follows or worse :()

    • thank you, i’m beginning to understand finally why this blog ‘is’a little more about that soon. hhhmm, ty also for that tidbit, i was only awarethat my WP email was public which is fine, do you see something else somewhere? if you do, can you direct me to it?

    • ok, i just saw what you were referring to, ty for letting me know. i answer most all comments via email notifications, i’ll have to be more aware what actually gets printed from now on.

      ty agai, i really appreciate it.

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