Who Could Know Then

I wrote this as a surprise gift to my wife on our 10th anniversary of the day we met. This was the first ‘poetic/stream of conciousness piece i ever wrote and the first listening to music.

imho, it reads better with the music as a soundtrack, so click the
song and start reading nice and s l o w, the second refrain, the crescendo should then coincide with the last paragraph.


On Tuesday the ’79 Ford flatbed pick up truck will be carefully driven up the narrow steel ramps and onto the trailer, the rented trailer attached to a U-Haul box van for the long awaited and well deserved trip from Chicago to rural Indiana, the final leg in the long journey to it’s rightful place, the 100 acre family farm.

How could anyone have possibly predicted that this sturdy old truck, that never quit even in the worst cold Chicago could conjure up, that he found on the front line of a local gas station fifteen years ago with a handmade ‘for sale’ sign taped to the windshield, the note written by a thin, weathered man who bought this truck new in 1979, an Iowan farmer who used it daily hauling crops, who needed to sell it sadly because times were tough, who could have known then that this working farm truck would now go back to the soil where it once started its noble life?

Who could know then that this old blue truck would evoke so many memories in her, the farm where she spent so many of her childhood summers, where she would walk the acres holding hands with her playful grandpa Paps tending his peony crop, lose herself for endless hours in the cavernous, dusty hay filled barn, chase chickens around the small wood framed house, help her Grams churn homemade ice cream served with Saltines and end those days on the back of Paps Ford flatbed truck piled with hay and crowded with giggling cousins for a slow, bumpy ride on the gravel road into town?

Who could know then it would spark a romance between a most unlikely couple, she’s barely over five feet tall, he’s six two and lanky, her skin pale and perfect, his a few shades darker, marked, grey eyes, hers the warmest brown, she was Kentucky sweet, engaging and talkative, he’s the king of one liners, an ex New Yorker, he luckily made it out of high school, she has a graduate degree and more friends than any one person should, he’s a loner, she taught violin in the same university for twenty years, he was self employed forever chasing dreams, she was the lead singer in a rock band, he will always be anxious in a crowd of strangers, she had 2 healthy parents, the family reunions hosted hundreds, he had neither and who could know then that she had almost given up all hope of ever finding anyone?

Is it ever too late?

Who could know then as he watched her drive away after a chance meeting that they would ever meet again, he only had scant clues, driving night after night through so many unfamiliar neighborhoods, dark streets and darker alleys, driving in the Ford pick up searching, hoping to find her dented little red Honda parked somewhere and finally, finally on that unusually cool and clear night in May under so many close stars he did find it, leaving his own hand written note on the windshield, hoping?

Who could know then that this ’79 Ford pickup truck, this four wheeled piece of steel with all its myriad moving parts, would become a symbol of their dedication to each other in the face of some difficult times, a steel badge of their unshakeable loyalty, their tender ten year journey together, who could know then that the universe, with all it’s myriad moving parts would extend it’s gentle hand and grant such a random act of kindness?

And who would want to?
 photo thefarm020.jpg

11 thoughts on “Who Could Know Then

  1. charlypriest says:

    Now we know where the name of the blog came from, congrats my friend that you found a woman that you can spend so much time together.Who would know then that maybe they´re is something called true love

    • oh, certainly not i brother!. hey, it only took 48 years and a few days to find her but who’s counting? and at 58, if i live another 30 years i can proudly say, i’ve lived half my life with her!

      well, make no mistake, we worked hard to get here, we’ve had plenty of rough times like everyone one else but there’s no quit in either of us and i guess that’s made all the difference. we’ll visit again when i get back, anxious to read some more Crazy Life.

      thank you::::peace:::::

  2. …. And who could know that a simple soul sitting in her silent home, with an old easel lovingly holding a weeping canvas, would have tears shining in her eyes like the shiny oil paint on her stubborn color palette… all at the words of a fine soul flowing through life as one truly should — following his heart, allowing the Universe to follow its own. 

    *and she knows how very precious a piece of rock can be*

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary. I love the post and so happy that both of you found each other and are living a very happy life. Many many happy returns of the day my friend. God bless you both always with happiness and love for each other. Take care.

    • thank yoo so much my sweet friend, and for always reading and appreciating my words. so that was written last year, we just celebrated #11ithis March and are cruising to an even dozen this year! Scout’s parents just celebrated thier 50th anniversary, so we have great role models.

  4. From one loner to another, this was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with me. It’s so funny that we can find our perfect match in another who seems so different on paper, yet complements us in every needed way. Yin to yang, so to say.

    I love knowing the meaning behind your name, and I love that this piece was the first you wrote with music.

    “Though your world is changing I will be the same.” — is one of my favorite lyric lines.

    Truly wonderful to meet you,

    • seems like the Universe has intervevned on our behalf, Christina,
      you have great energy and i love folks who write abundant comments
      and enjoy chatting.

      and on paper…no, we would never have been predicted. we just ‘happened’.lol
      Though your world is changing I will be the same’, that is wonderful, and
      describes Scout to a t, steady as she goes, always there. i’m the problem child!lol

      and ty, this was a transitional piece for me, a precursor to eventually writing poetry,
      i was beginning to ‘break down’ my prose, unconsciously, by writing stream of conciousness.
      still, it took 2.5 years before i wrote my first poem here on WP.

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