miracle you


i should have…

i had no right to…

after so many starts and stops
an almost lifetime of yearning
but for some reason knowing
it shouldn’t all end like this

i should have…

i had no right to…

finding this wounded heart
forgetting how to beat
finding these shallow lungs
forgetting how to breath

and so close to walking alone
forever with my restless shadows
organs of life and love in dormant uncertainty
and losing all faith in their very reason to be

i should have just given up
i had no right to continue believing
have i forgotten again to tell you how it
feels finally resting safely in your arms?
have i forgotten again like i do sometimes
to thank you… what a miracle you are?
‘If you open your heart
You can make a new start
When your crumbling world falls apart

The miracle of love
Will take away your pain
When the miracle of love
Comes your way again’
Annie Lennox, David Stuart, Eurythmics

40 thoughts on “miracle you

  1. Sky Vani says:

    I’ve just discovered that I can arrange the blogs that I follow to get notifications in my mailbox if there are some new posts. Somehow, I haven’t seen any of the posts that you published on your site, just the ones that you posted on 20 lines. It is repaired now. 🙂

  2. Jamaiquina says:

    Wow! A heartful here… 🙂

  3. Oloriel says:

    Beautiful. It is weird by the way, I see more people writting to you they missed your stuff in the reader, so it wasn’t just me!
    And funny thing aswell, somehow all bloggers I really like to follow happen to be from Australia,where I am most probubly moving very soon! Gonna go sing this:
    “finding this wounded heart
    forgetting how to beat
    finding these shallow lungs
    forgetting how to breath”,seems like a nice rhyme for the day!

    • i wonder why that is? after you told me the last time i forwarded the date and republished, it worked so thank you.

      i have developed a friendship with a blogger from Australia, we talk at night when i’m up writing at 1am…it’s her afternoon! and yes i follow some other Aussies as well. besides Italy, A is where i want to spend a lot of time, i’m happy for you. a very intriguing country and landscape…..

      haha….yeah, i guess it does have a little boppin’ backbeat to eh. LOL!


  4. I’m certain there are valuable lessons you wouldn’t give up in spite of the heartbreak! Wonderful writing !

  5. lovely…gentle…hopeful…deep miracle! Amazing poetry!

  6. If a knife could cut the “clay” of a poet all from his marrow, I am sure what’s left would only be the purest light of love. This poem is full of such a luminance!
    Truly relished your ink.

    • oh, i am so thankful i found your comments, thank you. my partner Scout is so much an inspiration, she of such an expansive, forgiving heart i only have to tap into this deep well of love to find the words.

  7. dear friend, this is such a beautiful poem…as always, your words take my breath away…i just feel this deep intensity when i read your words…they give me hope…and I love the songs you have put with your writings…this THE MIRACLE OF LOVE–so precious!

    • thank you for mentioning the music, i’m never sure folks are listening or not but they are, every one the foundation of my poetry. so many of these songs have expressed what i’ve wanted to say to the one i loved, when and if that time ever came. now it has, and i have the words to tell my story to Scout, finally. it took 48 years to find her, so that hope that you feel is mine, finally realized.

      and i will also confees, that this poem has profound meaning to me, it’s in the metaphors. i’m not sure i’ll ever be able to talk about it directly but Scout knew right away. maybe one day i will, i just don’t want to ruin this poem for anyone.

      thank you, thank you, thank you. *smiles*

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