eleventh summer

through all my troubled life
a scarred and imperfect heart
strumming a mournful reverb wail
into the stillness of my lonely nights
the numb and deafened ambilvalence
of this oft times heartless world

just looking for someone
to hold me tight
to love me right

and then somehow Through
all those crowded strangers
you appeared dressed in your
brightly expansive heart, yours
a birthright to love without fear
and mine to fear the love i need

and on our very first celebration
streaming every tear i never cried
i wrote Nil’s song on that mirror hidden
behind the blue hydrangea bouquet
i handpicked for you in our yard

then this shy boy did what he
thought he couldn’t until you

…what he thought he never would

holding you close in my arms and
swaying slow dancing to the rythym
of a song i wish only i had written

and whispering my love to …you
you, who could still love me for
everything i wasn’t and
everything i would never be


‘Today I’m thinkin’ about the world we live in
All the love and hate that’s floatin’ around
All the times I felt so lost and helpless
You stood by me, you never let me down

Still I keep throwin’ up these walls
Most of them I’ve built with stones
You tear ’em down and bridge the distance
Knowin’ we ain’t here to be alone

So let your blue heart open wide
Let’s never leave our dreams behind
It would comfort and restore my pride
If you let me be your valentine’

and now with these hopeful eyes we see
our eleventh summer on that warm horizon
and through every up and down
and every in and out
and even life or death

yes, we’re still here

‘Our differences are part of life
Still love will pass the test of time
I want you everyday and night
Girl, won’t you be my valentine?’

sure, the blue bouquet it faded
but the song all my truth remains
marked and always will on our mirror

and you’re still here




saving me time and again

…oh darlin’
my sweetest savior
my beautiful tomboy Scout

you know i’ll pick those hydrangea when they’re blue
and though your shy boy might have his own words now
could our song ever be written better than it was?
‘Valentine’ Lyrics by Nils Lofgren, Bruce on harmony, Ringo on drums

17 thoughts on “eleventh summer

  1. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    one of my favourite lines: ‘Knowin’ we ain’t here to be alone’ 🙂

  2. Oloriel says:

    Beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  3. charlypriest says:

    Great read, your making me hooked on poetry, I´ve seen other poetry and it seems to abstract and hard to get, I might sound shallow but I don´t want to read something and then start thinking during one hour what the author wanted to convey, at least your´s is creative,difficult but understandable to the people who are not experts in the complex world of writing poetry.

    • that’s a wonderful compliment, it makes me incerdibly happy to hear that. i will tell you, and i’ve written it as well that i’ve feared ‘poetry’ for some of the same reasons you describe.

      a raw novice myself, so much of my inspiration is from music lyrics which is poetry…like ‘Valentine’, written from the heart. it’s the only way i know how to write.

  4. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    you might just convince me there is such an energy as love…
    Beautiful and a very lucky lady …..
    Take Care…

    • well, i guess we’re both lucky finding each other fairly late in our lives, but i do believe the scales are heavily tilted in my direction. 🙂

      and honestly ladyblue, you were validating everything i felt in so many of your poems…….it’s why i read them.

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

        I have felt that validation….it filled my heart overflowing, nothing can compare to it… and then in an instant it was gone and I still don’t know why….
        my words are whispers I hear…on the wind … on a beautiful clear day..
        rain pouring all around me….I sometimes think it is Blue….but then I think it is from the other side reaffirming what I saw in the mist one morning….
        I am glad I validate for you, for I do know that feeling, and I would wish it for everyone to know….its just now closed to me in this moment….
        I hope you keep reading me….I appreciate your energy, it is so kind and gentle….
        Take Care…

      • hhmm……one of the great unfair mysteries of our universe, why it has to be that way?….so hard earned then so easily gone. i have been there. ..as you….so many times i’m afraid to count. it’s why i can sometimes in an instant drop deep into my melancholy, an almost bottomless well.

        i’m so sorry but so thankful you shared your truth with me. i can only say that we should continue reading each other and validating our truth, if only to remember to never give up searching….after 48 years of looking i’m finally home.

        ::::peace::::ladyblue and take good care

  5. Hello my friend – so many lines and words to choose that stand out for me in this piece.
    ‘you appeared dressed in your brightly expansive heart’
    would have to be one of them – this is special as is your writing – you are getting more impressive with each that you pen.

    • i live with my steady inspiration, i think i’m just getting better at listening these days…….what a daily revelation poetry has become.

      thank you for being a part of my journey, and for your constant encouragement my friend. oh…and so you know, the award will be completed this weekend, procrastinator that i am. 🙂

  6. “then this shy boy did what he
    thought he couldn’t until you…”—this is what LOVE does…it is not that you needed the other…but the finding of you each for the other…gave you a deep acceptance…the love helped you to blossom…as I am sure you did for her—that is the beauty of LOVE–the unexpected miracle of becoming…Beautiful poem! It is so rich!

    • ….oh you are so right in everything you’ve said in your beautiful comment, ty….’the miracle of becoming’ and for someone whose journey has been acceptance, miracle is precisely hiw it feels..

      … and yes, we have both become so much more together, than we could have alone….you are wise in the ways of the heart, thank you for your insight and for reading my words. ..wonderful comments like yours are always welckme here.

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