our brave Linda

dear friends this is a writing departure
but i hope by the end you will understand
why it had to be written…ty.

so what ever
happened to trust?

so what ever
happened to honesty?

so what ever

to caring at all that
a little skin on skin
with someone else isn’t
really gonna’ fill that void?

in these past ten years
just how many of your friends
have come to you crying?
yet another marriage up in flames

and now your bestie girlfriend Linda
and my own sympatico soul sister
her heart is now ripped inside out too
found he was cheating 4 of their 16 years

so what ever
happened to everlasting?

so what ever
happened to committment?

so what ever

to caring at all that
a little skin on skin
with someone else just
causes such unbearable pain?

and we thought she was safe
their marriage passed the test of time
and we felt so shocked and helpless
you just listened…letting her cry and cry

and darlin’
you know i don’t get this mad very often
but this news just sucked out my breath
so i just had to put this upset somewhere
and writing poems…it’s how i show i care

look in her eyes

for you Linda
from me

from what souless depths does it begin
or can your smooth deceptions justify
breaking her, piece by piece?

and mouthing your nonchalant swift lies
as if her world was still everything she knew,
spinning on it’s easy axis.

did you really think a day would never come,
that day you could not look in her eyes
and tell her what you’ve done?

crying eyes photo: Crying Eye eye-26.jpg

so yeah,
it was touch and go there for a while
with you coming home late after later nights
being that best friend forever that i know so well

and sometimes it just all works out the way it should

so darlin’,
our brave Linda she slowly found her footing
maybe even sooner than she believed she could
and nailing a framed copy of her poem to the wall
nonchalantly showing that now ex husband to the door
both Linda and Scout, my partner are singers and this song
speaks about the power of music. if you feel like a second read,
please play the song and pick up the tempo the poem was written to.

15 thoughts on “our brave Linda

  1. Oloriel says:

    This is a heartbraking tale,this “so what ever

    to caring at all that
    a little skin on skin
    with someone else just
    causes such unbearable pain?” – just makes me mad and sad, cause I see it everywhere I look and I ask myself these same questions that are in this poem.

    • hi Oloriel….i’m wondering if you stopped at the pic, because there are 2 stanzas after the photograph that explain…..or is it not clear?

      and yes, as i wrote so many sad stories we’ve had to listen to, help friends get through their pain…it is heartbreaking but at the same time makes me hug Scout a little tighter..

      • Oloriel says:

        Did not stop at the picture, everything is clear, it just reminded me of many many sad stuff I see around daily and people usualy never talk about them.

      • i’m sorry if i said something wrong, i would never want to offend you in any way…

        so i wrote that small poem ”look in her eyes’ 6 weeks ago when she was here telling us, she had a rough time as you could imagine but Linda is a fighter..and i love her for that. she finally realized she needed to move on and he was asked to leave just last week and i’ve been writing this since then.

        honestly i was debating whether this should just be written and not posted but this is a part of my life, our life, her life and it’s just too important, regardless of the harsh reality to ignore.

      • Oloriel says:

        No,no, you did not offend me, do not worry!!:)
        It is just that,like every poem or written word, it reminded me of stories I heard and saw with my eyes, but these women were not like Linda, their story goes on,spirals into darkness infinetly.

      • ty, just wanted to make sure Oloriel.:-)

        and yes, i’ve known them too and looking in my own mirror i spiraled when it happened to me too and maybe that’s why her story hit me so hard, why we tried our best to support her….she had a lot friends standing with her, it helped…a lot.

        ty Oloriel for always taking so much of your time reading, understanding, it really means a lot to me.

  2. Sky Vani says:

    i read this several times today, and what i can tell is that i feel grief so strong while i am reading it, that i am asking myself whole day should i click “like” or not. and not because i don’t like the poem, it is written in your – always perfect – way but because i have that strange feeling… if i hit “like” it makes me feel as i like someone’s sadness. i know it is strange, but i hope you understand. it’s so late, i can’t think in english any more so this comment is written so bad

    • i’m so sorry for this late reply Sky, but i was so emotionally exhausted from finally putting these feeling to words i just crashed and fell asleep till now…

      and no, your comment is not written badly, it perfectly explains a dillema i also find myself in reading about someone’s pain so i will say to you that i would much rather have an honest, hearfelt comment like yours than a ‘like’ anyday….ty.

      and i’m sorry, i realize this is a very difficult read, i strugggled whether to actually post or not but, it’s been such a huge part of our life these past few weeks……i guess i just put my trust in my readers to understand……and judging by the touching comments such as yours…..well, ty again.

  3. This is lip-trrrembling,, especially for me today friend ~ Blessings ~` come back soon.

    • i’m sorry for that, i really am….you know as well as anyone how upbeat and hopeful i usually am in my poetry but this…..i just couldn’t contain my feelings any longer ….ty and i certainly will be by again, how could i not my dear friend? …….take good care

  4. jasmindamaro says:

    sehr netter einfacher blog simpel und realistisch gut herzliche gruesse aus belgien von jasmin damaro

  5. […] in. this story is a mix of being witness to our friend Linda’s sadness which i wrote about here, part my own experiences in both characters and part a delayed hangover from our 10 days of bliss […]

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