my melancholy

a well so endlessly deep

i wore its pain on my sleeve,

blaming innocents

for sins they

never did



it wasn’t this

world hurling its every

fury in my direction after all.


i learned

to finally accept my

person i so often loathed.



just maybe…

the unconditional love

in your eyes opened mine to

deserving what i feared all my life.

and maybe i thanked the universe with all its

myriad moving parts for extending its gentle hand

touching a wounded heart in such a random act of kindness.

reblogged to 20 Lines A Day

5 thoughts on “maybe

  1. johncoyote says:

    Amazing music and beautiful poetry. I like the journey you took me in the words. Love is a constant learning. A wise person hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

    • the journey has been a long one and not always easy, but love has been the reward for not ever giving up. thank you so much for taking the time to read and listen to Sarah, that is a pivotal song for me. i’m glad you enjoyed it.

      peace and keep the::::light::::

  2. Haunting song and a search within your soul with your words. You have nothing to fear my friend… nothing from what I see.

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