in this my life,
in unscripted moments
in some random milisecond
in every wound this world delivered
in my deliberate fear of poetry and love.

your love
presents itself,
not in random miliseconds
but in its encompassing eternity.
loving not by choice but your devotion.

and i
know that…now

and it frightens me.
and now my choice to make,
and be everything i’ve never been
and stay everywhere i’ve never remained.


written May 2013
submitted to 20 Lines A Day

12 thoughts on “stay

  1. luggagelady says:

    Your beautiful writing takes my breath away! Thanks for letting me find YOU!! 🙂

    • well, i’m trying to catch my breath from reading your wonderful comment, that you feel that way warms my heart! ::::thank you::::

      i’m just an untrained novice finding his words, writing from my heart and i’m so glad you found me as well. you most certainly made my day!

  2. xn3art says:

    Beautiful ~ your writing about the only thing worth living for :::Love::: and the place where all light enters. Thank you for sharing!

  3. happy says:

    How much do I love your style of writing. It’s actually an inspiration for me :).

    I have nominated you to an award (forgot what’s called because I haven’t done the thing I’m supposed to do… AND I still haven’t done the post I’m supposed to do from the award you nominated me to hahahaha I’m so good at procrastinating, but I will do that today later AND I’ll do the other post for the award you’re nominating me, so I’ll leave the link later today)

    Great poem and skills 🙂

    Thank you for sharing with all of us

    • oh, i see the Twins of Procrastination have arrived,
      simultaneously of course. i’ve been working (ahem)
      on an award i was recently nominated for too. 🙂

      thank you Happy, i kid but i am very grateful so no worries, do whatever you need to, when you need to. it’s all good! and thank you again. 🙂

  4. I would have to search dictionary for big words to express how much i like it ;)…so i’ll do simple and clear :real ,real good 🙂 !!!

    • Thank you so much and never worry about ‘big’ woeds with me, i don’t use them much anyway. I prefer a simple phrase like yours. 🙂

      And thaks for spending so much tike on my pages, lli love seeing your Gravatar here.:-)

  5. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    I believe love…true love in like makes one surpass existing
    into the light of living…..where memories are made from holding hands
    and just being one’s original self….
    Another beauty of heart language you are mastering so very well…
    Take Care….

    • ‘…true love in like makes one surpass existing into the light of living’

      yes, for me it’s a timeless, fearless and infinite place, where there is only the truth of love….the essence of us aligned and in perfect harmony with the universe….

      ladyblue, is there any wonder then why we yearn for such a place, want to share it with someone else, why we write poetry?

  6. Jamaiquina says:

    My favorite stanza? The last one… Wow!

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