a request for a little help please…….

The Versatile Blogger Award

I have been humbled once again and been nominated for another award, and I’ve been working on fulfilling the rules and requirements ( until a poem comes along:-) and this is where I hope the generous WordPress community can help. One of the rules states the recipient must nominate 15 other much deserved blogs for the same award, prose, poetry, artwork and or photography etc.

And this is where I’m a bit stuck.

Still a mere babe here in the WordPress family, I don’t have 15 blogs I know of YET that I can recommend. Many of the 70 or so blogs I follow, already have this award so I guess I’d like to nominate lesser known blogs, who need more eyes and WordPress love and who will benefit as greatly as I did from recieving The Liebster award.

Any help you could offer would be so greatly appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚

13 thoughts on “a request for a little help please…….

  1. Charlene says:

    You might try Jamaiquina’s blog. She wrote poems all of April, in honor of National Poetry Month, and some of them are quite respectable. She’s a teacher and writer and deserves a viewing by others like her who love the printed word and the power it has to make change.

  2. Eva van Beek says:

    I am not sure wether this blog is what you like, but I just found out about it and think the guy is very courageous…it is not poetry, but just talking about his struggle to stay sobber and live with depression…very sharp analyses about himself (well that is what I think). As far as I can judge not many people know him now. But as I said, you may not like it, but here is is blog: http://shoe1000.wordpress.com/
    For poetry I like this guy: http://sirserpents.wordpress.com/ – he is just blunt and very dark at times, but some of his poetry goes right to my gut. And then there is this young lady who (in my opinion) deserves many likes on each post: http://yrenaidsipsiwn.wordpress.com/
    Anyway, hope it gives you some ideas. And congrats on the award!

  3. Sky Vani says:

    I would like to help, but all blogs that I know are already connected with you. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. charlypriest says:

    Iยดd appreciate if I was on the list. Just started recently with my blog so it would be nice. You might laugh with it…maybe. Stay frosty.

  5. charlypriest says:

    Forgot, and with the ironic writing there is always a moral to the story, makes people think.

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